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The match between John Cena vs. AJ Styles was indeed an arrangement by the WWE boss Vince McMahon who just needed to test power between the two champions.

The Money in the Bank match between John Cena vs. AJ Styles was not easy at all as the two champion fought like elephants and did struggled for the title and we saw how severe the match went and how fans were left in obscurity until after the match went off- air. The match was indeed a tough and brutal type to always talk about.

Unfortunately, while the fans of AJ Styles rejoiced, the fans of Cena were left in melancholy and anger. The match did ended with AJ Styles defeating the 15 time WWE champion John Cena and this is not an easy thing for the fans to bear even most of WWE officials will frown to this.

But, what then shall we say? Should we say that it is over? No! It is not over yet as there would be another opportunity for a re-match and this time, we hope Cena makes the reverse of this match.