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List of Superstars and legends that are set to make surprise entrants into Sunday’s Royal Rumble may not be anything different from this. We have come up with the most possible names after examining the card that spells out Superstars who may be available this Sunday.

7. Finn Balor – Balor is a strong favorite of WWE CEO, Vince McMahon as well as Triple H. One report states that McMahon have rooted for Balor to be moved to the main roster but Triple H objected owing to the fact that Balor is the NXT Champion and his departure may affect the ratings of NXT especially as the card for his departure reads that he would leave with a number of other talents. However, it’s not out of the options that Balor could make an appearance this Sunday although this may not mean he’s already fixed at the main roster but as a way to keep fans to be more hungry for his move.

8. Bill Goldberg – Goldberg who last did a match in WWE nearly 12 years ago has been talking lately that he still has what it takes to do a killer or an intriguing match. The nearly 50-year old semi-retired wrestler noted that age is just a number and that he needed to do the match for the benefit of his son whom he desire that he should watch him perform before he fully retires.

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin spoke in his favor recently when he was hosted on Jim Ross’ podcast. He said WWE should put away personally issues aside and give Goldberg a chance to do a match at
WrestleMania 32 and as well induct him into the WWE Hall of Fame. So we give it to him, he may appear for Sunday Royal Rumble. And what a terrible and explosive night WWE would record if these Superstars and legends really show up for Sunday Royal Rumble. WrestleMania 32 would be just be a thing out of this world, oh yes, it would! Click here to see more….