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Two WWE legends now stare at retirement at the face….

While the world wonders on the exceptional records put in place by the WWE over the years, two legends are now set to bowing out of the world of wrestling although only one of them is suitable for that now.

Lately, the WWE has seen some of its big names depart its shores, and for different reasons. The wrestler in view has been off the ring for a while now.

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TMZ Sports says the legendary wrestler must submit to retirement now as prescribed by doctors. Sting sustained injury in a fight with Seth Rollins during the September 2015 Night of Champions.

The neck injury Sting suffered has taken him out of the ring for several days. Reports say the injury has resulted into, Cervical Spinal Stenosis. A similar infection led to Edge’s early retirement.

The legend will be inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame in April. He comes in with a record that only one other has. Sting will be the Second Wrestler to be inducted while in active service.

While on the other hand, Kane has expressed his mind on his future with the company. ‘The Big Red Machine’ Kane has spoken about his time after April 3.

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He has succeeded quite well in the company, winning every possible award. He had, at some point in his wrestling career claimed to be The Undertaker’s brother. But life may not be the same without the big boy.

So fans, Kane is still very much around.