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Ever since The Undertaker announced that he would be on the Royal Rumble, anticipation has gone up that he would eventually emerge as the winner of the match.

First, the reason why the undertaker announced his presence at Royal Rumble was because he wanted to add more star power to the bout which should then be used as a launch pad to create a new star. Report has it that Undertaker is there to add star power to the bout, not win it. At the age of 51, the Undertaker doesn’t have it in him to bring more casual viewers to the company, he’s drawn all he can over 24 years, and we thank him for that.

More so, the Royal Rumble idea for the Undertaker was for the forth coming WrestleMania 33 against John Cena which was announced long before now. Report also has it that Undertaker is above status quo as that not even WWE can control him. He said on Monday Night Raw this week, “he goes where he wants, when he wants.” He has no ties to a ‘brand’ or ‘authority figure’.

There are thousands of ways that could lead The Undertker to WrestleMania even without winning the Royal Rumble match against AJ Styles. Rumor once had it that, John Cena is no longer the opponent for the Undertaker’s match. His new opponent was revealed to be Braun Strowmn of the Wyatt Family.