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The WWE WrtestleMania event is revealed to be the biggest PPV in the calendar year of the WWE.

This is an event where all members of the event are made to function in their respective roles as given to them by the WWE Officials.

This year’s event was the WrestleMania 32 and as it, next year’s own would be WrestleMania 33. One of the talents that enhance the fun of the event is the veteran wrestler The Undertaker. It is revealed that

As noted, it is expected that Undertaker will start working an almost every week schedule leading to a championship match at the Royal Rumble against AJ Styles. The current rumor is that Taker will win the WWE World Championship and carry it to Wrestlemania where John Cena will challenge him. This match is also expected to Headline Wrestlemania.

According to, Undertaker’s recent hip surgery was done so he could have one last run where he will appear somewhat regularly. It’s still expected, however, that WrestleMania 33 will be his retirement match. It remains to be seen if it’s the truth, but obviously, WWE would sell Takers retirement match prior to the event.