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CM Punk walked out of WWE on a bad note nearly two years ago. He did that because he felt that was the best thing he needed to do. He did that because he felt he was being maltreated by WWE and that his pay did not commensurate to what he offered. He reasoned that there was an equation imbalance between what he was offering WWE and what he was being paid.

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Then frustration set in as he kept whining about his pay as well as the creative direction of the product. Sooner than we knew it, injury knocked him down and he began crumbling as his position on the card organically took a different dive, then he disappeared. He walked off WWE on a note not good enough to be called “good”. He screwed the bolt against all odds and that’s how the end of him came to be in WWE on January last year.

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Prior to when he left WWE, Punk was one of the two biggest stars the company had. At a time in 2011, Punk became the only Superstar that exceeded John Cena’s record in terms of sales of merchandise. He was classic, phenomenal and prodigious at that time of his career and WWE as well as fans were enjoying every bit of his actions.

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In line with the foregoing, fans have been kicking that they want to see Punk back to the ring especially now that WWE is short of top stars following the injury holocaust.

Noteworthy is that, Punk is currently signed to mixed martial arts organization, the UFC and he’s doing quite wonderful there.

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Recently on Twitter, CM Punk replied the question on his possible return even if WWE signs a contract worth $50 million with him. He stated, “money isn’t everything.”
The following day, CM Punk made another note on his possible return to WWE in the future. This time, he nailed it completely and screwed the bolt and the nut firmly together. He said, “Slow news day when my replay to a tweet is news. Not going back [to WWE], shut up about it. Move on.”

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These hostile statements shocked everyone including top WWE officials. Nearly all talents in memorable history who had at one time or the other left WWE on a bad note did come back after some time. Why is Punk not running along the same route?

Bret Hart did, Ultimate Warrior did, and Bruno Sammartino did as well. These Superstars were said by nearly everyone that they would never, under any circumstance, return again to WWE but they did.

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So, why is Punk not planning to return again to WWE even WWE chairman Vince McMahon said on the Stone Cold Podcast last December that he would gladly welcome CM Punk back in the company? Punk is not moved by that talk. He’s not shifting ground a bit. Why? What has WWE done against him? Can we have an appraisal of any note? Yes! We can! There is this odd thing that happened on Punk’s wedding.

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WWE did the unthinkable. They gave him his severance papers on the day of his wedding, which no one would have imagined or tolerated. That very submission has been interpreted by many as WWE’s intended attempt to ruin his wedding day. Too bad! No one can take that, could you?
Even Paul Heyman, who seats as one man close to Punk’s heart, said if Punk does return to WWE, it would be a failure on the part of Punk and that would be shocking to conceive.

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Consequently, we may conclude by saying even if Punk’s UFC career doesn’t work out as expected, he still won’t come back to WWE. They are just on different and opposite sides of the equation right now and that’s how it may remain forever, that is, if we are going by the odds that surround his departure and the bombshell he received from WWE on his wedding day. Uh!

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