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Nikki Bella has just revealed that she is set to return to the squared ring for actions. She has been out since the night after Hell in a Cell and her actions have been missed by fans a great deal.

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Just when Nikki Bella was expected to be in the ring for RAW that very night, she missed it and made a note on Nov. 3 using her Instagram account that she was out due to a neck injury and was rehabilitating herself. There were many controversies that went down with that injury update and a good number of fans accused her of trying to take out some time off with her lover, John Cena who is on provisional leave.

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Soon afterwards, it was reported by that she not only nurses a neck injury but also suffers a niggling hip. Amidst the controversies and several reactions, in turn, WWE made an official statement that Nikki Bella suffers from a sore back. Then reactions came down and everybody went about their daily businesses, honorably.

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Worthy to note is that, the last time Nikki was last seen in the ring could be traced back to Oct. 26 Raw when she was on full action at her hometown of San Diego, California.

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On her return to the ring, she wrote on Instagram in the early hours of today, “Missing the ring, the Bella Army & Team Bella so bad! In little over a week… I should know exactly when I will be back to kick some booty!!! Just gotta stay FEARLESS!!!”

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That’s all she stated. No details on the exact date she would return. No time! Nothing! Just “In little over a week… I should know exactly when I will be back to kick some booty!”

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