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Information just reaching us states that WWE Superstar Sheamus has sustained injury and will be out of action for a while. Sheamus has been doing greatly lately; improving both in style and skills, in-ring and out of the ring but it seems the sky has just fallen on him. He was the archrival of the new WWE babyface Roman Reigns when they wrestled at WWE TLC for the WWE World Heavyweight Title and no doubt, he put up a nice fight against Reigns.

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In that very Money in the Bank case Sheamus somehow won Roman Reigns and took home the WWE World Heavyweight Title only to lose it to Reigns the following day on WWE RAW.

While all is looking forward to what await Sheamus in the nearest future; who he would stage war against, which title he would be going for, and just what WWE has in mind for him, a report just stated that Sheamus has gone down with injury.

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Daily Wrestling News reports that Sheamus suffers injury during WWE live event match over the weekend. The report detailed that Sheamus was hurt during a match against Roman Reigns at the WWE last night main event match. According to sources, although Sheamus sustained a leg injury while wrestling with Reigns, he was able to finish the match.

At the moment, the severity of the injury has not been revealed but we would get the full medical details as soon as possible. Keep you posted.

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