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Losing a Superstar or Diva to injury at a time such as now is something the WWE can’t afford – it’s devastating, WrestleMania is close and it’s the biggest event of the year. Hence, they need tough wrestlers who would enable them attract large turnout of spectators; who would increase the sales of ticket and merchandise.

Hence, we can state without any iota of doubt that injury to one of two other Superstars especially babyfaces would see the projection WWE had made for WrestleMania 32 take a different dive.

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Already stars some are recovering and quite a number has returned back to the ring – Rusev and his fiancée Lana as well as Sami Zayn are all back from their injuries. Few days ago, it was discovered that Randy Orton would no longer take that long a time as initially stated but would return just in time for WrestleMania 32.

But somebody was missing in last week’s Monday Night RAW; he was not in action but seen backstage working on a YouTube material. What could be wrong, we wondered. Why is Stardust not performing tonight? We asked ourselves but nothing came to our head. No clue, no update, nothing!

Hence we allowed the sleeping dog lie until recently when WWE legend Ric Flair was speaking on his podcast and he gave answers to those questions which we had asked and wondered about. He revealed that Cody Rhodes, popularly known as Stardust, is battling with a neck injury and would be out for a while.

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Stardust neither confirmed nor denied whether he was battling with a neck injury when he chatted with his followers on Twitter. All he reportedly said was that he was not having any fractures.

Hence we deduced that since he is still doing promos for WWE without any sort of neck brace, he would return just in time. Probably WWE is just keeping him out of action as a preventative measure rather than take chances and see his reported neck injury get worse. They can’t afford losing another Superstar or Diva, oh yes, they can’t.

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