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Like every other company, the WWE has been trying so hard to make sure that talent in the company is safe. After the death of Eddie Guerrero, the company made a policy on Abuse/Wellness. This was to ensure that all superstars stay clear from harmful drugs. They affixed a penalty of suspension to those who violates the policy.

Any talent that must take drugs must do that on prescription bases. The company made the policy a three strike rule of which a talent had to undergo 30 days suspension for first violation, 60 days suspension for second violation while for the third time it should be termination from the company until maybe a year or there about.

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This policy to the company is not be joked about so they carry out executions anytime the law is violated. According to the WWE, both Adam Rose and Konnor has violated the policy for the second time so they have to be suspended for 60 days which begins immediately.

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The wellness policy as laid down by the company is for wrestlers own good. So to stay and work, you must do yourself good by not violating the policy. As it is known Rose and Konnor will be on suspension for two