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Roman Reigns comes out with the Usos and Dean Ambrose and basically recaps his relationship with all of them. He calls out the League of Nations. Sheamus and Co. come out and Sheamus tells a few jokes. Sheamus then reintroduces a bunch of guys from the League of Nations that we’ve known for years.

Mercifully, New Day saves us from the segment and call Reigns “Roman The Ruiner.” They say Usos and Dean Ambrose have to earn their spot in the 8-man tag tonight by beating the New Day. Otherwise Reigns has to face LON by himself.

Tyler Breeze (w/ Summer Rae) vs. Neville

Dolph Ziggler is on commentary for this match as Neville easily outwrestles Breeze and taunts Prince Pretty. Breeze is knocked outside, but Summer jumps in front of him to stop the Neville dive.

We come back to see Breeze getting kicked and clotheslined out the ring. Neville flies over the top rope, taking out Breeze. Neville scores with a standing star press, but only gets two. He counters a Breeze dropkick but walks into a superkick. Summer Rae grabs Neville’s leg, allowing Breeze to hit the Unprettier for the win.

Winner: Tyler Breeze via pinfall (Unprettier)

– Becky Lynch is backstage and says she and Charlotte are friends, and sometimes they don’t see eye to eye. Brie Bella and Alicia show up and make fun of Becky, and say Becky was the problem in PCB. Charlotte comes up and says they’re upset that there’s a new generation of women ready to take them down. Brie says it’s lonely at the top, and she’ll find out when she comes crashing down.

Becky Lynch (w/ Charlotte) vs. Brie Bella (w/ Alicia Fox)

A Becky arm drag starts it out, and Brie makes fun of Charlotte faking an injury. Brie connects with a bulldog. Brie does the Bryan kicks and Knee Mode as we see Team Bad backstage with a pinata and a kendo stick. Becky comes back with an exploder suplex, but Brie kicks out. Brie accidentally runs into Charlotte while Becky goes for Disarmor. Charlotte runs in and attacks Brie, DQing Becky.

Winner: Brie Bella via DQ.

Charlotte and Becky argue after the match. This was pretty good stuff.

– Neville is backstage, and Miz tracks him down and says Neville doesn’t have personality, but he’d be glad to teach them. Miz says he’ll take Neville under his wing like he did Daniel Bryan. He gives Neville his card and a copy of Santa’s Little Helper.

– Lana and Rusev are with Renee Young. Lana blames Ryback for hurting Lana. Rusev says he can always have another match, but only has one Lana. He says he’ll crush Ryback the next time he sees him. Lana and Rusev smooch it out.

New Day vs. Usos & Dean Ambrose
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