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Triple H has just announced on tonight’s RAW that the main event of the December 13th WWE TLC pay-per-view from Boston will feature Sheamus defending the WWE World Heavyweight Title against Roman Reigns.

According to the report, the two champions will face off in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

In a related report, WWE officials were still debating and deliberating on what to do with the WWE World Heavyweight Title as at Sunday. The argument and deliberation took the larger portion of the day on Sunday according to the report by Wrestling Observer Radio.

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The report states that, moment before the show begins Sheamus has been designed to cash-in Money In the Bank and defeat Roman Reigns to win the title.
This is necessary because people still boo Reigns and may boo him even more if he wins Sheamus and takes the title, noted the Wrestling Observer Radio. However WWE officials still think that Reigns should win the WWE World Heavyweight Title soon.

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But before Reigns would win the title, WWE is planning to work on him, build him up and make him fitter both in the ring and out-of-the-ring.

In the meantime, Sheamus still reigns with the title till at least the Royal Rumble. As at this moment, there is no work yet on what will happen to Sheamus once he drops the title but we shall keep you updated once any information comes up.

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