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In a recent interview with Taz at The Taz Show: BodySlams & Beyond he discussed the rampant injuries plaguing key WWE Stars and said it would give opportunity for young talents to climb the WWE’s ladder of success.

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“Absolutely!” Taz replied. “From a wrestler? Geez. Huge opportunity for so many guys, and it trickles down to NXT. If you’re an NXT guy or girl, whose opening match, you know it’s going to be a trickle down effect in a positive way where they pull up a couple of these talents from NXT. When they pull up, you slip into their spot. It’s a massive opportunity on the main roster as long as it’s given to, say, a guy like Cesaro. I hope they do. Or say a Kevin Owens goes higher than where he’s at with the IC title, or Alberto Del Rio, with the US title or whatever he’s doing with Zeb Colter, which is weird in itself. They can go all different routes. They have guys that are game ready, plug and play. While everyone else is panicking that Rome is burning, Vince McMahon has dealt with a lot worse than this, than his champion blowing his knee out.”

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Additionally, Taz stated that the knee injury Rollins suffers would be in the best interest of Roman Reigns. In any case, he doesn’t but the idea that Reigns should turn heel just yet.

“I knew there would be a tournament gimmick, and that’ll work perfect. It’s an opportunity for a guy like Roman Reigns, and people called in and said it was a great opportunity for Roman Reigns to turn heel. My point about that it’s cool if Reigns turns if he can, but you don’t turn a guy until he’s at his peak as a babyface. Roman Reigns is not at that spot. John Cena all those years has been, but usually you don’t turn him unless everyone’s connecting to him. Reigns has heat with some fans, and some love them.”

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