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Report has it that the drama between the WWE World Heavyweight Champion Roman Reigns and Triple H has taken another dive, this time, the fans are involved. Reigns was the one who said it when he was doing a promo on SmackDown after he destroyed Triple H few days earlier. He said that Triple H was “nowhere to be seen” since the Pay-Per-View, but that remark was not true – Triple H was in London for NXT Takeover: London
Then fans got angry at Reigns took NXT for granted, regarding the junior leagues as inconsequential. How do they mean? They argued that Reigns should have acknowledged that Triple H was in NXT Takeover: London show and that would have like given”Caesar what belongs to Caesar.”

For the heck of it, NXT is growing very fast and in the nearest future, you might just be shock at what would become of the lower division.

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Hence, a backstage heat was born between Triple and Reigns as fans interpreted Reigns submission as disrespectful.

Additionally they stated that the remark from Reigns implied that the entire WWE main roster, gives little or no concern to anything that is happening in NXT, then they sealed it up that that part of the story was not well scripted or something was wrong somewhere.

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As expected, fans flung it back at Triple H, Roman Reigns, and the promo writers that they should have considered NXT and give it the respect it deserves rather than treating one division as if it’s more important than the other.

Well, NXT which have been treated as the minor leagues or even as a developmental branch of WWE a while ago is no more having that identity; no more having that definition. Now, all theirs is left for fans to do is catch on and treat both promos with the same amount of respect: we believe WWE is already thinking about giving NXT more push.