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UFC wrestlers are known for taking jabs at pro-wrestlers who are a part of WWE. The first name that pops up when talking about taking pot shots at the WWE roster is none other than Conor McGregor.

Conor never leaves an opportunity to poke and provoke, his brash Irish ways and accent are known to all and the featherweight champion minces no words when he is out there speaking about WWE.

Just before his fight at UFC 202 that the Irishman fired shots at John Cena and called him a fat, 40-year-old failed Mr. Olympia motherf****r and commented on how everyone can see John Cena, mocking his gimmick of ‘you can’t see me’. In the same interview, he called pro-wrestlers messed up pu***es.

He also responded to Ric Flair, making it clear that UFC wasn’t a gimmick sport “I’ve got to get in and fight a man for real. With no script, with no nothing..”, McGregor said.

And well, he has done it again. In a facebook live session, answering a wide range of questions ranging from Call Of Duty to his career and future he was asked a couple of questions regarding WWE. Conor was asked if he didn’t rate the WWE roster to which he responded in a rather casual way, “ Yeah..they’re dweebs, the whole lot of them”.

On whether he would be interested in coming to the WWE, “Maybe as CEO..maybe to take Vince out of the chair. But I don’t know”.

It is no secret that there only a handful of people the Irishman respects from the WWE industry and all of them are veterans of the industry. One of them is Vince McMahon. In many of his interviews, he complimented the chairman of WWE and has called him a fu****g legend.

In an interview which Conor did with MMA Fighting, he was asked about whether he would be interested in coming to the WWE to which he had replied negatively as the current climate won’t help him make his name in the medium. Although Conor might not have his eyes set on making his way to the organisation but he has never ruled it out.

In his latest live session mentioned above, the champion, although hasn’t suggested an interest in pro-wrestling but he hasn’t spoken negatively about him making an appearance in the pro-wrestling arena. McGregor is very shrewd and clear about his motives. He will go where the money is. From the horse’s mouth, “Never say, never”