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Worrying times for the WWE over John Cena and Roman Reigns?

According to reports, WWE’s top guys are having sleepless nights following the fall in the sales of merchandise of 15-time Heavyweight winner John Cena as the graph has recently taken the shape of a falling hero.

Over the years, Cena has steadily ascended the ladder of success as no other Superstar have been able match him when it comes to merchandise sales. But that has started seeing decline against the predictions and calculations of the WWE management.

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Literally, WWE officials saw it coming but they had hoped the rise of Roman Reigns would be able to fix that up alas, it hasn’t.

According to the report, WWE top officials complained that the main reason why former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Reigns is not doing as much as he should is because Reigns seems to lack the ability to connect with fans. Hence officials said when it comes to merchandise sales, Reigns isn’t “coming nowhere near where they need to be to make up for the loss with Cena.”

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Therefore, WWE may start looking for alternative or seeing how they can get Cena back to his feet again and use him for a new character to stabilize as well as boost merchandise sales.