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As John Cena goes down with rotator cuff, WWE Creative must have started looking through their widows for a man who can replace him especially as his return before WrestleMania 32 is unsure.

This is a bitter pill for us all to swallow but what can we say, Cena himself has said life is full of ups and downs but we just have to stay focus – Never Give Up!

He tweeted this:
“Rather upside down start to 2016 as tomorrow I will head to Birmingham for shoulder surgery. Life’s full of set backs but Never Give Up.”

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The surgery is set for tomorrow, hence Cena is eventually going to take up to 3-6 month off which by implication rules him out of Royal Rumble and likely WrestleMania 32 according to report.

Wrestling fans may not want to hear this but the truth is that former 15-time WWE World Heavyweight champion may not do much of wrestling again and his absence in WWE TLC, Royal Rumble as well as WrestleMania 32 may just be the beginning of the new game: Cena is falling more for acting and less for wrestling.

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So what should WWE do? Well, WWE has seen this coming for a long time and they have built an alternate route to help them reach their dream, aspirations and of course maintain the unchallenged first position in the professional wrestling industry – Roman Reigns was their choice, the new babyface – they new face of the company.

On the other hand, WWE would be considering bringing another Superstar to the help them achieve the goal set for WrestleMania 32. Vince McMahon would make sure that dream is achieved irrespective what it may cost him.

According to Napoleon Hill, “every disadvantage can be turned into and equal and opposite advantage” and WWE young stars may just capitalize on it. So how would that go? Finn Balor would be turned the WWE World Heavyweight championship on his first night and if Seth Rollins is back by then, he may just be featured in the main roster of WrestleMania 32. Dean Ambrose may also be given a little push and since there is currently no barrier between him and the fans, it would just be a wonderful idea.