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According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, a popular WWE Superstar is already considering a shift of career to mixed martial arts.

Although the report didn’t reveal the name of the star who is rooting for a switch to MMA when his WWE career is over, it’s worthy to note that the move to a degree would affect WWE especially if the move is before WrestleMania 32.

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Lately, there seems to be no end for the trouble WWE is facing; things are not easy anyhow you look at it. Is it from the angle where injuries plagued most of their Superstars, or from the point where the likes of Daniel Bryan just tied his WWE boot in the air while looking around for a switch to probably TNA or Global Force Wrestling? Or from the angle where Vince McMahon just suspended Titus O’Neil for jokingly grabbing his hand on the same night that Bryan retired.

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Or from the angle where WrestleMania 32 is fast coming and nothing seems to be in place. Or from the angle where top WWE brass are complaining and having sleepless night because John Cena merchandize sales have dropped drastically and Roman Reigns who was supposed to redeem it has poor connection with the fans? Whatever, be the case, it’s not easy for WWE and as the Wrestling Observer just reported, a current WWE Superstar is rooting for a move to mixed martial arts once his WWE contract expires.

The Observer reported it with in this manner — this current WWE star is, “fairly strongly considering”. We shall bring you more details as information becomes available to us….