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At times it could be frustrating when we don’t know our family members especially when we are face with difficulties or when the chips are down. Little may you know about it except you’ve at one time or the other being in such a mess whether financially, emotionally or otherwise and no one seems to care, nowhere to turn to, no one seems to be on your side. No one cares.
This may not be the entire lifetime story of the 36-year old Canadian professional wrestler, Rosa Mendes or Milena Leticia Roucka but this in a way has something to do with her.

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The former ring announcer and model was speaking recently in an interview and she divulged that her family members are scattered all around the world and she never had enough time with them. She said this in respect of her unborn baby which will be due for delivery February next year that she would not want her to go through that mess. Rather she would see to it that her daughter would have both her nuclear and extended family members around her. Additionally, she revealed the name she would call the child when she is born as Jordan Elizabeth Schubenski and added the reason behind the choice of the name.

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On her pregnancy, the sex of the child and the reason behind the choice of the name, the professional wrestling valet and former model stated.

“I’m pregnant, and I’m having a little girl. Her name’s going to be Jordan Elizabeth Schubenski and she’ll be born February 2016. Mom’s middle name is Elizabeth, and I’ve always loved the name Jordan for a girl.”

On her family and where they are as well as the kind of life she wishes her new child to have, Rosa confesses:

“My family is scattered all over the world and I never got to be around a lot of family. I want Jordan to have family around her, so she’s going to have her grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles.”

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Rosa is currently married to Bobby Schubenski and the two began their relationship around April this year. Like every other person that falls in love, Rosa has had her own downtime too. She dated former WWE wrestler Andy Slocum at a time and the relationship came with its challenges. Later Rosa revealed that she could not carry on with the relationship because Slocum assaulted her. That was probably the most devastating relationship Rosa got herself entwisted in of late. However, she is fine now and her new relationship with Schubenski is yielding the fruits she desires in life.

So, on behalf of the staff and management of, I wish Rosa a safe delivery.