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Report says John Cena has eventually told Nikki Bella that he would want to marry her even though he said that in a way that’s nearly impossible to be true.

This was revealed during the latest episode of Total Divas where Cena more than ever looked seriously into Nikki’s face and said, “I’d love to marry you!”

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How did it happen? Well, it would interest you to know that few days ago, John and Nikki were officially celebrating three complete years of being together and while the WWE Universe were excited about the development, Cena wows Nikki as he broke the news to her.

Well, Nikki didn’t receive the message in one blow; no she didn’t. Cena broke it into segments. He first of all, teased Nikki and made a few light notes about her. Then he went into the real business and said what he had to say to her.

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As Cena spoke on, he revealed that marriage and children are two things he desires at this point of his life and Nikki happened to be the one whom he has found absolutely perfect for that purpose.

He said, “I love you more than I’ve ever loved anyone in my entire life,”

While we are pitched on seeing that as a real proposal, Millennial dating experts will argue that Cena meant it like he said it. It was too casual to be real; sources said. Cena has hardly brought that up into their discussion at any one time and whenever Nikki does bring it up, he tells her he’s not ready for marriage or kids at the moment.

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Therefore, as we keep watching how the relationship between the two lovebirds would eventually mature into marriage, we from our end do wish them a sweet romantic life and happy Valentine’s Day in advance.

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