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Nikki Bella has finally joined the dating world again. What a remarkable note to remember after her explosive breakup to WWE Legend, John Cena!

The Total Bellas Star, Nikki Bella has found new love following her called-off engagement to 41-year-old WWE star John Cena.

The “Total Bellas” star is now dating within WWE again after her very public break-up with ex-fiancé John Cena and after admitting that it’s kind of boring in the dating life.

“It’s kind of boring in the dating life, but other than that, it’s been a lot of fun,” Nikki told Us Weekly. “I’ve just been busy working and I just love everything that [my sister Brie Bella] and I are up to. It’s just been a lot of fun.”

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On July 30, Bella announced that she and Cena had parted ways for the second time after a few whirlwind months that led them to cancel their May 5 wedding.

“After I called off the engagement, we tried to work on our relationship to get back to where it was, and in order to move forward with our wedding. After much time and soul-searching alone and together, we have decided to officially part ways,” she said in a statement to PEOPLE.

“I had a beautiful and loving six-year relationship with a wonderful man. I have the utmost respect for John, but I know this is what’s best for me,”
the Total Bellas star added.

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The pair originally ended their engagement in mid-April, just weeks before they planned to walk down the aisle in Napa, California on May 5.

However, four weeks after announcing their first breakup, Bella and Cena got back together after she shared with PEOPLE that she was in “communication” with Cena to try and reconcile.

Then, viewers of Total Bellas saw Bella break off her engagement to Cena for the second time.

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“It just sucks. I wish it could be different and I think that’s why I’ve had almost six years of working on us and fighting and just taking in a lot. I just feel like I’ve hit the point that I’m just so exhausted and done,” she told sister Brie during the season three finale, which aired on July 29.

Following her break-up with John Cena, Nikki Bella is rumored to be dating again and just like Cena, this person works for WWE. Unlike Cena, however, this person is not a wrestler.

An anonymous blogger with a strong track record for celebrity gossip indicated that Nikki Bella recently began dating a WWE executive.

This blogger, who is known only as ‘Enty Lawyer’, posted this blind item on the anonymous gossip website Crazy Days and Nights on July 31:

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“Publicly, this A-list entertainer/reality star is saying the right things about taking time for herself and this and that. The thing is though, she has already been doing that for six months and has a co-worker she has been seeing for about two months. Same company, but way different job description than the last co-worker. This one is an executive. They are both trying to keep it hush hush.”

‘Enty Lawyer’ then revealed the blind item last week, saying the ‘A-list entertainer/reality star’ is ‘Nikki Bella.’

‘Enty Lawyer’ did not name the executive.

Crazy Days and Nights specializes in exposing Hollywood gossip and is way ahead of mainstream news websites on Hollywood gossip, sometimes even by years. For instance, ‘Enty Lawyer’ alluded to stories about Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, and Matt Lauer well before their abuse got exposed by the mainstream media last fall.