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According to The Leaf-Chronicle, popular Wrestling star has been arrested for domestic violence.

The Leaf-Chronicle just reported that a former TNA star, Anthony Gregory Mayweather, has been arrested for a domestic violence.

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Anthony Gregory Mayweather best known as by his ring name Crimson, is currently in the police custody for head-butting his wife. Hence, he was charge with domestic assault three days ago.

Now, this is how he was arrested according to sources: a neighbor called 911 noting that a man has head-butted a woman and the police promptly surfaced at about 1:33 AM. When they got there a strange drama happened; yes the woman told them all that had happened from the negative angle. Yes, she tried in vain to prevent her husband from being arrested.

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She denied it when she was asked what really happened to her. Rather than telling the truth, she said that nothing violence actually happened to her but that she fell down somehow during the cause of things. Meanwhile, she was obviously wearing a bleeding nose and lip.
On the other hand, Crimson was defensive. He lied about the whole account, stating that noting physical or no physical violence actually took place but that was below the intelligence of the police. The police noted “he was very defensive about officers interviewing his wife”, in the warrant.

Then a security guard from a restaurant nearby confirmed that he saw the man head-butted the woman in her face.

Hence, the former TNA star was charged with domestic violence into the Montgomery County Jail on $2,500 bond. His wife, Heather, was also booked for public intoxication into the Montgomery County Jail on $439 bond. The warrant noted that she had a slurred speech and also described her as a danger to her own self.