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Dana Brooke’s injury is something that still keeps the WWE Universe at such a disadvantaged end; every wondering on what is exactly wrong with her. But no one seems to have an answer, everyone landing on the same home page; no idea – undisclosed injury details.

Brooke is somebody you would love to be with especially when she is valued in the light of her bodybuilding and fitness performances. Hence, she is bathed with commendations and fans are beginning to refer to her as one sure Diva that would explode in the professional wrestling industry.

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Dana has been missed a great deal following an injury she sustained in one of her recent encounters especially as she was expected to do a significant match against Asuka at the NXT Takeover London but that never materialized.

In the latest episode of her show, it was reported that a glimpse of how she got injured was captured but that’s still unofficial.

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As we were tempted to take a look at the general characters of the NXT Diva with regards to her physique, her magnetism and the in-ring qualities which set her apart and make everyone to extensively see her as someone having the potential of one of the best Divas in the immediate future, we came face-to-face with the recent nude photos of the NXT Diva which just went viral in the early hours of today.

OMG! It was a shock; the whole thing was exposed. She was stark-naked! Click here to see the nude photos (+18).