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In the Last few months, we’ve noticed the great absence of the former WWE Tag Team champion Rusev in the ring. Although many may say Rusev didn’t have much to offer in the WWE, Rusev however made great impact in the WWE as he was a main subject in the Feud between John Cena, Nikki Bella and Rusev, Maryse.

Rusev also played a great role as a Tag Team with Jinder Mahal to win the Tag Team Championship and will be defending the title soon after his return.

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The Bulgarian Brute Rusev took a break from the WWE to undergo an operation to address his shoulder injury. His last in ring appearance was at the WWE Fastlane 2017 where he was defeated by the Big Show.

The 31 year old Superstar who has been in the sidelines of the WWE as a result of his injury has been medically cleared to return to WWE In-Ring Action.

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Rusev returned to action at the WWE’s 24th June 26, 2017 SmackDown live event in Vancouver, Canada. Rusev first appearance after his hiatus was in the Triple Threat match for the United States Championship between Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn and Rusev.

The match outcome wasn’t however favourable to Rusev as Kevin Owens Successfully defended his US championship.