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WWE mistakenly revealed major Wrestlemania 32 spoiler and yes, It would be awe-inspiring if it comes to true, for all we care.

As the sad memory of Fastlane lingers on as fans were fed with something unfit for such a night, the following night on RAW, McMahon family came out in different lights, one no one saw coming.

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They did it like this: Vince McMahon who stood before the eyes of the entire crowd presented to the Stephanie the Vincent J McMahon award of excellence for continuing the McMahon legacy.

Just when that was thought to be the peak of the night, Shane McMahon appeared from the back of nowhere and the crowd exploded. It was a bomb, yes, it really was.

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Shane McMahon wanted one thing, just one — to have control over Monday Night RAW and he wasted no time to let his father know that.

Hence, Vince beat him to a deal. He said Shane would get the control of the company if he defeats The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32 in a Hell in a Cell match.

And that’s where the real story began; the argument now is that there are other alternatives the WWE creative could have explored to ultimately make a better feud between the Shane and The Deadman, nut that’s not where we are going.

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As times passes by, the internet is buzzing as there rumor that Shane has been favored to win the match after the WWE online ticket service made a huge typo.

We guess they wanted to write WWE Monday Night RAW but probably miswrote it as Monday Night RAW vs WWE, which was for the post-Wrestlemania 32 show in Baltimore.

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Therefore, the internet has gone bananas as fans started discussing a possible feud or an invasion angle like in the past and according to our source, the mistake had been noted and changed to WWE Monday Night RAW.

WWE WrestleMania spoiler revealed accidentally 2

WWE WrestleMania spoiler revealed accidentally