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Bale the great star of Wale scored a very tight and unbelievable free kick in the competition, showing evidence that he has so many pattern and style of playing his game more than his Real Madrid team- mate that always find it very difficult before achieving his goal in a game.

According to Gareth Bale, he insisted that he had never and will never have any intention to take or listing to any advice from Cristiano Ronaldo a great Real Madrid star consigning any issue of free-kicks, he strongly believes that they both have differ styles and ways they do play their game.

“We obviously practice together in training but on different sides. It depends where I am on the pitch and what side.

Bale do always score free kicks in most of the games he played in Wales in the first two games at Euro 2016, he is also likely to be the first player to score three in one European Championship.

Cristiano Ronaldo his Real Madrid team mate is still yet to score up to 36 free kicks, he has attempted in most of his games, he failed to score at list five in this tournament that he drawn against Austria and Iceland.

Bale was asked if his success was down to any advice from Christiano Ronaldo.

According to Bale he said: “No I do my thing my way, there is no other style better than mine.