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Chile and Argentina will battle out for the trophy as the ongoing tournament comes to a close. Chile, who previously won the title by defeating Argentina, will have to write history as they need to all they can to clinch the trophy.

Chile stormed Copa America final on Wednesday, beating Colombia 2-0, after previous trashed Mexico 7-0 in the quarterfinal. Chile who is the current title holder of the tournament will need to do more than they did in their last encounter against Argentina.

Argentina and Chile will go head to head with hope of either team picking the victory, though Argentina are seen as the favorite to carry the day. But Chile are not intimidated as they feel super ready to face Argentine Squad. Promising their fans to repeat history and retain the trophy.

Juan Antonio Pizzi Chile Head coach as come out to speak on their state and readiness for the final when asked by news men his plan for the tournament he said: “We got off to a good start, played aggressively and had a lot of anticipation. That helped us score the goals.”
“It’s a good feeling to be back in the final again after overcoming difficult opponents’’.

The fans also appreciate the organizer following the powerful electrical thunderstorm that rolled down venue and commended them in the manner in which they manage the situation.