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The hottest couple in WWE today is John Cena and Nikki Bella although they are yet to press the final button, yet to pull the trigger and take their relationship to the very next level. Fans are beginning to get agitated as they keep asking just when would the two love birds tie the nuptial knot.

For some reasons best known to Cena, he has decided to keep it cool, decided to allow Nikki Bella to remain “Nikki Bella” rather than Mrs. Cena.

But we wouldn’t let this rest; hence we came up with five reasons why Cena should propose to Nikki timely.

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1) Three Years Strong

Cena and Bella have been in a long-term, committed relationship since 2012 and with their courtship approaching the four-year mark, it’s time to commit or quit. The longest WWE Divas Champion in history has made no secret of the fact that she wants to marry Cena and have children with him, and since they obviously have clicked for this long, it’s time to start that journey.

2) The Past Is Past

One reason for the 15-time WWE World Heavyweight Champion’s cold feet could be his past marriage. Cena tied the knot with his former lover Elizabeth Huberdeau in 2009, but the couple divorced in 2012 prior to Cena dating Bella. As for the WWE Diva, she married her high school sweetheart at age 20, but the marriage was annulled three years later. Though both of them went through a sordid past when it comes to love, what’s done is done and they’ve found a fresh new beginning together.

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