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Dolph Ziggler and john cena

Dolph Ziggler and john cena

Dolph Ziggler Heel Turn On John Cena Is Imminent. Dolph Ziggler is set to turn heel and is expected to face John Cena at Hell In A Cell, Dave Meltzer is reporting on Wrestling Observer Radio. The heel turn could also involve Ziggler teaming with Summer Rae against a babyface team of Lana and Rusev, in a continuation of that narrative.

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Ziggler’s reason for turning on Cena is clear. He was defeated by Cena on the US Open Challenge on Raw, and on Total Divas he has told Nikki Bella that he wants to be in a relationship with her. So Cena has two things that Dolph wants, the US Title and Nikki Bella.

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The turn could happen on next week’s Hell In A Cell go-home Raw, or maybe it will be saved for Hell In A Cell itself. Upon Cena’s return in December, the rivalry with Ziggler would then be renewed. It could even be extended to WrestleMania, although that would feel like an overly long run for the feud. Cena would be much better suited for a match with The Undertaker on the April 3rd megashow.

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It is all looking up for Dolph. A fresh heel persona and a feud with WWE’s top star is going to do him good. His
previous matches with Cena have all been very good, so get ready for some top quality wrestling!



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