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WWE has hired some of the most beautiful WWE Divas over the years and many of them have gone on to have relationships and even marriages with fellow WWE stars.

Wrestlers usually stick to their own because they travel the world 300 plus days a year which means they have very little free time to go out and meet new people.

Wrestlers also rarely have time for their families which means they often find comfort in the arms of other men, which makes it simpler when wrestlers join the business before they are married or start families.

Some of WWE’s Divas have developed a reputation for the amount of superstars they have slept with over the years, some much like AJ Lee have met one superstar (AJ met and married CM Punk during her time in WWE) and ended up dating and marrying him before she then retired from the business.

This list is not about these stars! The following list is made up of WWE Divas who are rumoured to have slept their way to the top, the women who have slept with multiple superstars from the locker room en-route to what was then, a career to be remembered.

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21. Victoria

The former WWE Women’s Champion was famed for her Widow’s Peak and independent attitude, but she is also rumoured to have slept with John Cena during her time in WWE. No matter how hard you work at your craft, if rumors start to emerge that you’re sleeping with the top talent, it definitely does not make you look very good! This was also back when John Cena was caught cheating on his wife with Mickie James and he was thought to have also had a fling with Kelly Kelly around the same time. Holy smokes John, keep it in your pants much?!

Victoria had an impressive run in WWE before she made the switch to TNA and once again made a name for herself as Tara. While on TNA, she was a five-time TNA Knockouts Champion.

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In 2013, she decided to try her hand at the restaurant business and opened up a wrestling-themed restaurant in Chicago (named The Squared Circle). In 2015, she left the restaurant in the hands of her husband and close friend in order and moved to California.

While we aren’t sure how much of her success is because she slept around, I do know that you’re probably never going to ask her to that to her face!

20. Alexa Bliss

Nude Photos Of Alexa Bliss Leaked

The NXT Diva has already had a mystery employee leak rumors about her and her personal life on social media, and she is also currently dating former Tag Team Champion Buddy Murphy.

There are still rumors circulating about Bliss and the amount of wrestlers she has had personal relationships within WWE’s locker room, given that she has only been a part of the company for a little over a year. Bliss was signed in 2013 and worked hard to develop her skills on the NXT Roster. In an unconventional route, her first debut to the WWE Universe came during WrestleMania 30 in which she was part of Triple H’s entrance. Kudos to Triple H for allowing a knockout like Bliss to get a chance to steal some attention!

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While a lot of the sleeping around rumors are just speculation based on what was leaked by an anonymous and disgruntled WWE colleague of Bliss’, the saying does go “there is no smoke without fire.”

Bliss is still an active competitor on NXT, so you definitely have not seen the last of this knockout superstar. Let’s hope if she makes it to the big show, she doesn’t gain an even more widespread nasty reputation!

19. Paige

alberto-del-rio-and-paigePaige is an English professional wrestler and actress with real name Saraya-Jade Bevis is one female star with a lot of fans and success. She was the former WWE Divas Champion and owing to her age and abilities, she was picked to become one of the greatest star of all time. But, it seems she’s currently sinking — she is not getting it right in her emotional/relationship life.

Paige began by dating Kevin Skaff, who is the lead guitarist and a backup vocalist for the band A Day To Remember and while everyone thought she was going to settle down with him, she suddenly started dating Alberto Del Rio and the WWE officials weren’t comfortable with that which led to Del Rio leaving the company.

Just as if that wasn’t bad enough, she was captured in a sex tape; having threesome with Xavier Wood (Xavier Wood is married and his wife just put to bed) and two other stars.

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In the sex video that was leaked online, Paige was caught naked, making love to several stars in the locker room. It was a very odd story and the WWE family has been unhappy with her since then. See naked photos and sex tape here...

18. Missy Hyatt

Widely considered to have been The First Lady of Wrestling, Missy Hyatt was thought to have been involved with a long list of wrestlers during her time in WCW and ECW.

Missy was reported to have been a part of relationships with the likes of Sting, Eddie Gilbert, Road Warrior Hawk and John Tatum, as well as a string of many other wrestlers who have remained unnamed over the past few decades. In fact, Hyatt was in a relationship with John Tatum when she was his manager, but that did not stop her from sleeping with Gilbert. This led to a breakup of Tatum and Hyatt both in real life, and on screen. Hopefully Gilbert’s promiscuous days are behind her, as she married Gilbert in 1988.

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Missy was a part of many sexual harassment storylines during her time in the wrestling business, but mostly she is remembered as being a successful manager and valet. As a fun bonus, Hyatt came out of retirement to manage Lance Storm in what was to be his last professional wrestling appearance.

She wrote a book, Missy Hyatt, First Lady Of Wrestling, which came out in 2001 and talks more about her life as an emerging woman in the wrestling industry.

17. Michelle McCool

WWE Michelle McCool, The Undertaker's wifeThe current wife of The legend who is The Undertaker, Michelle McCool had a great run in WWE, being one of the first WWE Women’s and Divas Champions before she decided to step away from in-ring competition after having a career that was plagued with injuries. This included a moment in which she had her nose fractured while touring overseas because Victoria messed up her clothesline! Ouch!

Michelle also broke her ribs and her sternum, torn her MCL and that’s just getting started. So while nobody blames her for walking away, I think we’re all hoping she still shows up alongside The Undertaker once in a while!

Michelle and Layla made SmackDown watchable for many years when they formed LayCool, but it seems this would be the highlight of her short career.

Michelle dated Brian Lee during her early years with the company before she made the switch to the much older Undertaker and the two are currently married. Michelle gave birth to their daughter, Kaia Faith Calaway, back in 2012. It is her first child, and Undertaker now has 4 children. Prior to her time in the WWE, Michelle worked as a middle school teacher. I am sure she was sexualized a lot less in that line of work!

16. Christy Hemme

The first ever Diva Search winner failed to make an impact in WWE and instead ended up making the switch to TNA where she was used a lot better creatively and given the time to show that she could actually wrestle.

Before Christy made the switch, the rumor was that she was having an affair with Triple H behind Stephanie’s back and she forced him to release her when she found out. I don’t know how someone would think that sleeping with Triple H was going to go well for your career. It’s not like he could show you favouritism without making it incredibly obvious. Especially when you consider she wasn’t exactly outstanding in the ring.

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If sleeping with The Game wasn’t raunchy enough, Christy was also thought to have had a secret relationship with Vince McMahon following her 2004 Diva Search win. While I guess she maybe thought this would guarantee her job security, it clearly wasn’t memorable enough to stop her from being released the following year. Especially if Linda also did some digging around!

Christy got married to Charley Patterson in 2010, and she gave birth to her first child, Charlie Rose, in January 2015.

15. Sara Lee

You may not recognize the name right away, but let’s hope you will soon! Sara Lee was the female winner of the 6th season of the competition Tough Enough. Along with some serious bragging rights, Lee received a one year contract with the promotion. Though winning a competition like that means all eyes are on you, and when you’re gorgeous, those eyes may lead to some hi-jinx in the locker room. Sara was already dating independent wrestler Moose before she was a part of WWE and then she made the switch to Solomon Crowe.

She now seems to be getting close to Mojo Rawley whilst training to be a part of the NXT Roster that he is already making a name for himself on.

Sara was a standout competitor on Tough Enough and hopefully she makes it in WWE for all the right reasons. In the past Sara has been trained by Booker T, Billy Gunn and Lita, so it is clear she has all the training and tools to be a dominant force in the WWE. Let’s just hope that if she makes it to the big time, she doesn’t fall into the same trap as many people on this list did.

14. Beth Phoenix

WWE Diva Beth PhoenixBeth Phoenix was one of the most dominant Divas in WWE at one time, as she is a former WWE Women’s and Divas Champion. While she is still considered one of the best female wrestlers of the current generation, she is also now a mother and is married to former WWE World Champion Edge, who retired from WWE back in 2011.

Before she met Edge, Beth Phoenix was another one of CM Punk’s conquests. She met Punk when the two were a part of WWE’s main roster back in 2010, but it seems that Punk quickly moved on to someone new and left Beth behind. Though that doesn’t mean there may not have been some hard feelings. In 2012, Punk went on a radio to rip into his un-named (but heavily rumoured) girlfriend.

“I don’t want to say I’m over women…I just ended a relationship….It pisses me off to watch people you love and admire become complete d*****bags…that’s what it is…People just…flake…I realized it didn’t matter who it was as long as someone was her boyfriend.”

CM is now hopefully happily married to AJ Lee, but holy smokes does this guy seem like he loves to hold a grudge!

13. Stacy Keibler

Stacy Keibler had a rather successful career as a WWE Diva. As well as this, she’s appeared in a variety of television shows, movies and even came in third when she participated on Dancing With The Stars. But that’s not why you’re here! Rest assured, her dating portfolio may have always been the most interesting part of her.

Before dating the likes of George Clooney and Jamie Foxx, Stacy also dated the son of 16 time World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair, David Flair. Perhaps not shockingly, David did not have nearly the success as his Father did in the ring, but landing a lady like Stacy is mighty impressive?

Also to her credit, the relationship with Clooney did last for 2 years. Given that she was known as “The Legs of WCW/WWE” are you really shocking so many people were trying to see her legs in lingerie (or less!).

Like others on this list, Stacy also engaged in a relationship with more than one wrestler. When she was managing Andrew “Test” Martin, the two had a relationship both on and off screen.

Stacy finally settled down in 2013 when she began dating Jared Pobre and the two now have a child together.

12. Maria

Maria was another Diva that was a part of the famous Diva Search but was never used creatively by WWE. Maria was mostly used as a backstage interviewer or as occasional eye candy throughout her time with the company. As you can imagine, that also means she got plenty of attention from wrestlers backstage.

Her dating resume is a rather short one compared to many Divas on this list, but Maria began by dating fellow Chicago native CM Punk and they were together for around two years. The two met when they were working together at OVW.

The couple then split when Punk decided there were more Divas out there that needed to be conquered and Maria moved onto a fling with John Cena. Maria then left WWE and joined ROH where she met Mike Bennett who she has dated since 2011, the couple got married on October 10th, 2014. Maria is now a step-mother to Brian’s son, Austin.

Clearly she is also ready to step completely away from the wrestling side of her life, as she is currently working towards an associate degree in Art.

11. Stephanie McMahon

Stephanie Mcmahon Nude NakedStephanie McMahon is currently on WWE TV as part of The Authority, the leaders of the company who are in WWE to maintain some sort of leadership throughout the locker room. Though even if she didn’t appear on television for an extended period of time, there’s no way fans would ever forget a member of the McMahons (just look at the reaction Shane got when he returned to RAW).

There is an urban legend surrounding WWE that states that Stephanie had a relationship with Randy Savage when she was a lot younger. While this was never confirmed or denied by WWE, there is no denying her relationship to her now husband, Triple H. There’s even more intrigue when you factor in that Triple H was in a relationship with Chyna at the time. Though I cannot imagine there is a male wrestler on the roster that would even entertain the idea of trying to seduce not only your boss’ daughter, but the wife of one of the greatest (and most influential) WWE superstars of all time!

The two currently have three daughters, but still find the time to make regular appearances on WWE TV.

The stable that was made up of Triple H and Stephanie and often featured public displays of affection was disbanded in April, 2016, meaning that we may start seeing a lot less of Stephanie on screen.

10. Ashley Massaro

Ashley Massaro won the 2005 Raw Diva Search but this was sadly the only notable thing she did in her wresting career. Though one thing that is clear with Ashley, is that she is absolutely gorgeous. As a result, are you really shocked that 1) She is on this list and 2) that she was offered a chance to pose for Playboy?

As an added fun bonus, you can check Ashley out on the reality show Survivor, when she appeared on the 15th season back in 2007. Though she probably didn’t want to sleep with anyone after spending upwards of 40 days living outside without a shower!

During her time with WWE she was a part of two relationships with WWE wrestlers. She started out dating Matt Hardy following his split from Lita. After their relationship fizzled out, started dating Paul London. It probably didn’t hurt that she was working as a valet for London and Brian Kendrick, who were the Tag Team Champions at the time. London and Hardy had words with each other on Twitter with Ashley as the main focus, so you can at least be sure that Hardy may still have some hurt feelings.

9. Chyna

WWE Legend Chyna, Joan Marie LaurerBack when she was a part of WWE, Chyna was the most impressive Diva of all time. She was considered to be the eighth wonder of the world and until her departure from WWE she was rated highly in the eyes of WWE officials.

Chyna was known to have been dating Triple H while she was a part of D-Generation X along with him. If that wasn’t scandalous enough, Chyna and X-Pac also engaged in some intimate relationships. In fact, the two went on to make a sex tape together that was entitled One night in Chyna. Though in comparison to a lot of the women on this list, even one night with Chyna may seem like too long! As well as this, Chyna appeared in 5 other adult films including AVN’s 2012 winner for Best Celebrity Sex Tape, Backdoor to Chyna.

It was reported that Triple H was said to have left Chyna for Stephanie McMahon and that was part of the reason why she was then released from the WWE.

She was unfortunately found dead in her home on April 20th, 2016. At the time she had been taking medication for anxiety and insomnia, but it is not immediately clear the impact that the drugs had on her death.

8. Sunny

Tammy Sunny Sytch Lashes Out At Chris Candido FamilySunny is widely considered to have been the first ever WWF Diva, and during her time in the company she was rumored to have been a part of many personal relationships with many on the WWF roster. The only other Diva who could compare may be the aforementioned Missy Hyatt. Though as a fun twist, Sunny did agree to pose for Missy’s adult website Wrestling Vixxxens. A decision that Sunny later said she regrets.

Given what Sunny is now currently doing for money (it rhymes with schmorn), it comes as no surprise that it was speculated she was more than adventurous in the locker-room. The most prominent relationship of hers came with Shawn Michaels, but she was also said to have had an affair with Bret Hart behind his wife’s back. If that wasn’t weird enough, there were even rumors that she used to hook up with Sabu back when he was a star on ECW.

In 2016, Sunny released her autobiography, A Star Shattered: The Rise and Fall of Wrestling Diva Tammy “Sunny” Sytch. You can be assured that her autobiography is one heck of a read!

7. Nikki Bella

MMVA 2017 Nikki Bella hit the red carpet in a stunning see-through frock

MMVA 2017: Nikki Bella hit the red carpet in a stunning see-through frock

The longest reigning Divas Champion of all time, Nikki Bella has also had her fair share of locker room relations.

Nikki Bella began dating current WWE star Dolph Ziggler, back when he was known as Nicky with the Spirit Squad. The two dated for a while whilst they were both a part of WWE’s product, but their affair then came to an end around 2011.

Nikki then moved on to John Cena back in 2012 and she has been dating him ever since before they broke up recently. Given the amount of women John seemed to have slept with, good on her for being able to reign him in!

On Total Divas it has been rumored that the two could be set to marry. She would be following in the footsteps of her sister Brie Bella and former WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan.

It was also announced on the show Total Divas that Nikki was married to her high school sweetheart at the age of 20. Though perhaps not shockingly, the relationship got annulled 3 years later.

Don’t expect Nikki to be seen in a ring anytime soon though, she took a break from the company on April 6th citing family reasons.

6. Torrie Wilson

Torrie Wilson failed to capture any Championships during her time in WWE and so she is mostly remembered for being a Playboy cover girl and one of the most attractive Divas to ever set foot in WWE. Prior to making it into the WWE, she turned heads in the Miss Galaxy Competition, which she won back in 1999. I suppose that’s one thing you can put on your resume that can make them incredibly excited to call you in for an interview!

Torrie was married to Billy Kidman for a number of years before the couple split in 2006, she then went on to date Nick Marshall for a few years. It was also rumored that she was dating Japanese star Yoshihiro Tajiri for some time during the 1990s.

Torrie then went on to date baseball star Alex Rodriguez following her departure from WWE. The two were together from 2011 to 2015, but the two split after for amicable reasons (though there were heavy cheating rumors that surrounded Alex).

There are no reports as to who Torrie may be cuddling up to currently, but you can imagine the blonde bombshell does not have to voluntarily spend too many nights alone!

5. Sable

One of the most famous Divas of all time, Sable is currently married to Brock Lesnar and the two have started a family. Even though Sable has been absent from WWE for more than a decade, her husband still appears as part of WWE’s main programming occasionally. There’s no doubt that Sable is considered to be one of the sexiest Divas of all time. In fact, she appeared in Playboy not once, but three times.

Sable was rumored to have also had a relationship with Vince McMahon during her time in WWE and that is why she was given the WWE Women’s Championship when she lacked any actual skills in the ring. Though Vince was rumored to have had a lot of relationships with Divas behind Linda’s back during the late 90s and early 2000s! That being said, it’s still easy to see why Sable is one of the main candidates.

One of the most memorable moments for Sable happened outside of the ring. In 1999, Sable quit and then filed a $110 million lawsuit. Sable cited that she experienced several instances of sexual harassment within the company, and cited that it was an unsafe working condition. She also claims that this all came on the heels of her refusing to go topless on screen.

They ended up settling the lawsuit out of court, and clearly on good terms, because Sable returned to the company in 2003.

4. Mickie James

Mickie Laree James AldisThe Virginia-born Diva has turned a few heads during her wrestling career. She’s clearly talented, and while she has worked for both WWE and TNA, she has held a women’s title nine times, which is a national record. Though it appears that as well as being a champion in the ring, it seems she is the champion when it comes to the dating game as well.

Mickie first dated CM Punk before he was a well known wrestler and the two were still part of the independent circuit. She then moved onto Joey Mercury before she left him to begin dating Kenny Dykstra, who at the time was a part of The Spirit Squad, because I mean, what woman would be able to resist those pom-poms? Though I’m pretty sure fans would much rather see Mickie be the one performing the splits.

Mickie then cheated on Kenny with John Cena before the two broke up and she left WWE in order to make the switch to TNA. Mickie is currently married to Magnus who performs as part of TNA’s roster. While you may have fears that she’s going to keep sleeping around, you can hope the fact that the two have a son together may help keep her close to Magnus’ side!

3. Melina

Melina was one of the most hated Divas in WWE during her short stint with the company. It wouldn’t matter how good she was in the ring (and let’s be honest, she wasn’t very good there either), because Melina was reported to have been self-righteous. Several Divas backstage took issue with her attitude, citing that Melina often thought she deserved a lot more than she was given. As you can imagine, that whiney attitude can quickly rub people the wrong way in the WWE.

It also doesn’t exactly hurt that there is proof of her being a pretty ‘easy’ lay (after all, she is number 3!).

Melina cheated on her boyfriend at the time, John Morrison with Batista before the two then rekindled their relationship until she was released by WWE. Melina started out by dating Mike Knox, who found fame during his time in ECW, but this was long before her wrestling career began.

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2. Lita

Lita is infamous for her love triangle relationship with Matt Hardy and Edge, but it hardly comes as a surprise that the former Women’s Champion has had more partners that just those two. Given that she had the long storyline involving the Rated-R Superstar and their “live sex show,” it should be clear that the WWE was well aware of her appeal.

Lita also had a relationship with CM Punk that lasted for a year in around 2009. The two split and rekindled their love in 2013, but were not able to last a year before the relationship saw its end. Though in this case, Lita got to the be one feeling dumped, as CM left her for AJ Lee. Geez CM, for someone who was so straight edge, you certainly wooed a lot of women in your time in the WWE! Perhaps it’s a good thing for AJ’s sake that he’s no longer around Divas so often!

For someone with Lita’s reputation both inside and outside of WWE, it does seem likely that there were more than just these three, but as far as reports go, these are the only WWE guys that Lita has had personal relationships with.

1. Kelly Kelly

Kelly Kelly WWE DivaKelly Kelly was hired by WWE as part of their revival of the ECW brand, but it seemed she was a bigger success than ECW itself! Easy to see why when you consider how gorgeous she is. Combined with the fact that she had a background in gymnastics as well as cheerleading and you can understand why the ECW crowd took such a liking to her. Granted it also didn’t hurt that her character performed stripteases on a regular basis! Kelly was transferred to the main roster after ECW failed and that was where she truly made a name for herself.

Randy Orton stated in an interview that Kelly had slept with “about ten guys” who include CM Punk, Batista, Chris Jericho, Test, Dolph Ziggler and himself, as well as John Cena. Though it didn’t help that she wasn’t exactly the most talented in the ring, meaning that sleeping around did not lead to several title reigns!

But who had time to be a champion?! Kelly was clearly the busiest of all the WWE Divas in exploring the depths of the WWE Roster.

Kelly left the company in 2012 and did a brief tour on the Independent circuit before retiring.