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WWE has made an official statement in response to Nikki Bella’s injury. Nikki Bella is reportedly down with two injuries. (1) Nikki posted a photo of herself on Instagram with neck brace. She reported that she is working about 8 hours daily on recuperation. (2) Later sources said that apart from the Neck injury, Nikki is also nursing a hurt hip.

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WWE fans have not found the development funny and they wasted no time in spelling it out to her. They claim that she should have told them the truth that she wishes to take some time off with her boyfriend John Cena rather than claiming injuries.

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Prior to this time, Nikki posted a tweet that suggested she was also taking some time off with her boyfriend. Effectively, the media responsively reported the news to the public that Nikki Bella is also taking some time off with her boyfriend. We came forth with headlines like; John Cena taking time off, Nikki Bella taking time off too?

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Just when we thought that phase was over, Nikki Bella missed WWE RAW on the ground that she rolls with injuries as reported above. But according to The Wrestling Observer, the official word from WWE is that Bella is dealing with a “sore back”. Once again, this does not correspond with the earlier reports on Nikki’s injury and fans keep wondering just what’s going on with Nikki.

We shall bring you more updates on Nikki Bella’s injury status as things unfold.

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