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The Wrestling Observer Radio has reported that the original intent of WWE is for John Cena to go head-to-head with Alberto Del Rio in Royal Rumble for the United States Championship title but as that stands right now, that match wont hold.

John Cena’s two months absence did affect WWE’s product to an unimaginable degree because it came at a time many described as the most unsuitable following the injury that plagued most of WWE top stars. Then he finally returned and hopes were high; fans were happy, WWE too. Unfortunately, that hope only lived for a short while as the 15-time former WWE World Heavyweight Champion joined the league of fallen soldiers.

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A shoulder injury, it was called and a surgery was carried out successfully. Hence, Cena would be out for several months to enable him heal and recover accordingly.

Worthy to note is that the feud between Cena and Del Rio is gaining more substances. At Hell In A Cell near the end of October, Del Rio defeated Cena and took the United States Championship away then Cena returned after filming “American Grit” for the FOX and went toe-to-toe with Del Rio and took back the title. What an interesting feud!

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However, on the USA debut of SmackDown five days ago, Cena came forth to kick off the show on the new network and he was interrupted by Alberto Del Rio. There and then Cena introduced Kalisto to be Del Rio’s opponent that night, and it didn’t go quite as the champ expected. And yes, Kalisto would face Del Rio at Rpyal Rumble in replacement of Cena.

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One question that’s begging for answer is, “Can Kalisto defeat Alberto Del Rio once, but can he do it again?
According to report, “Following Kalisto’s non-title win over Del Rio — perhaps the biggest accomplishment in his career thus far — is the masked marvel in line for a U.S. Title opportunity?”