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The General Manager of WWE NXT, William Regal will be on seat at the January 23rd EVOLVE event in Orlando, Florida during Royal Rumble weekend. This shows that the WWE and EVOLVE’s parent company WWN Live are on good terms.

With this at hand, The WWN gave the following updates and announced that NXT’s “American Alpha” Chad Gable and Jason Jordan will also be there to signing a special contract.

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In a recent move, William Regal will be at EVOLVE 54 in Orlando, FL on January 23rd. History will however be made as this is going to be the first time someone in Regal’s position will appear on an independent wrestling event. He won’t just watch the card from the locker room. He is coming for a reason and with a purpose. What will happen in front of the live audience with William Regal?

It is not a show to be missed because it would be of high interest on the part of wrestling lovers to witness such historic event Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are officially coming to their first major independent wrestling show.