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Wrestling Observer Newsletter just reported that WWE has always had the intention of guiding Roman Reigns to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title. They wanted that for him at Survivor Series and even though Sheamus went home with the title, WWE still desires Roman Reigns to win it sometime soon.

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Would it not be appropriate to take a fascinating look at the carnival-like coronation Reigns received from WWE just before Sheamus cashed-in? Well, that’s the general concept of what they have in mind for him, they want him to appear as the hero, they want to rush him and lift him above his peers.

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But Reigns’ case is like a two edge sword; while WWE tries to set him as a Superman, some fans are not comfortable with that. They see him as the corporate pick, so he gets booed by some fans at WWE TV tapings and pay-per-view events. And that’s not good enough for him; WWE is worried about that, at least. They are hoping that somehow fans will come to terms that Reigns has the stuffs to offer and his fitting enough for a status of a Superman before they “pull the trigger” on his ultimate push as the face of the company, which in our judgment they have already completed if you consider how Reigns have been booked lately.

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WWE is doing all they can to see that the barriers that stand between Reigns and some fans are broken so that the booing tendency is eliminated completely and Reigns can get that which the Authority has in mind for him.

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