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Ronda Rousey about her sex life as well as bedroom matters

Ronda Rousey no longer sees her private life matters as a big issue as over and over again she shares everything that concerns her life with the public.

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Just recently the MMA superstar opened up during a Q&A session with Maxim and answered questions on all matters that concerned her life. She was generous with her answers and the world listened. She talked about her sex life as well as bedroom matters. She talked from what to wear if she was to go out with a man on a first date to very one meal she supposed just all men should know how to cook. It was that kind of a day, she was plain!

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At one time, she was reported seen hanging out with a married man who was later identified to be UFC heavyweight Travis Browne. In the past few months, it was confirmed that the two are dating. But that’s just by the way; we would bring you more on that later.

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In the exclusive session Rousey had with Maxim, one man who identified himself as Jack from Los Angeles asked Rousey, “What are men never supposed to do when it comes to the matters of bedroom?” Lesson learned: Stay away from the bantamweight champion’s teeth:

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For what you should never do: Rousey responded. Don’t bite my teeth! If my teeth are repeatedly hitting your teeth, then there’s a problem with what you’re doing. That freaks me out. I don’t like it. It’s terrible. I have a thing about my teeth. Even though I do a sport where I get punched in the face for a living, if your teeth hit my teeth more than a few times, I’m over it already.

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Just there we nail it. Touch Rousey’s teeth and you get what you are looking for. You’ll get what you asked for. Lol. Curiosity kills the cat!

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