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Vince MacMahon set to put Undertaker on the Ring in Dallas Wrestlemania32, how would this go for him in his hometown since MacMahon is rigid.

This was the decision made known to public by the Chairman of the Board that on Monday at Raw night Undertaker is to bring down Shane or vice versa

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Meanwhile, the two are expected to battle each other on April in a “Hell in a Cell” match.

Although, WWE is to be blamed for the poor service they rendered on Monday night, for the show that rendered us idle for some minutes. Shane appearance was so annoying that made the audience look so dizzy.

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If this kind of power tackling match between the two legends is the best if WrestleMania should fix it up to have more viewers because it will be somehow for Undertaker’s fans to watch this.

Hmmm…. Will Shane be ready to hook it up with Undertaker? Doubt his ability he would rather let the sleeping dog lies.

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If McMahon should be replaced, Who will take his place against Undertaker?Not all fans would be ready to watch this show, Vinnie MacMahon should replace Shane showing muzzle with Undertaker is suicide while their people sit to watch

This is just the beginning…. there is more to reveal about this let’s see how WWE make their choice……