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John Cena

Below is a photo of John Cena smooching and kissing his real-life girlfriend as tweeted by a fan.

As the night draws nearer, more agitation fills the air. Tonight’s WWE Hell in a Cell event is one that comes with its own moments and overwhelming expectations. As noted earlier, it will host quite a number of celebrities owing to the location.
Also, John Cena has not been advertised for RAW which implies that the Superstar is set for his short break as reported earlier.

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Superstars have been promoted and all is almost set for the kickoff. WWE entertainers, fans and whatnot have been tweeting and re-tweeting to keep the fire burning and to maintain a safe tempo for tonight’s show.

Then here comes this photo of John Cena kissing his real-life girlfriend Nikki Bella as tweeted by a fan. See photo below:

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During the course of this event, we shall give you every single update from tonight’s show, please stay tuned.

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