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This season’s SummerSlam promises to be unusual as so many talents who have away will be returning to the ring. As the days for this huge event draws closer, fans have not cease to guess that John Cena will make his way back this summerslam.

According to, the huge superstar Seth Rollins will make his way back to the ring this SummerSlam. The reports states that Seth Rollins is now very fit and okay and may return even before Summerslam.

Seth Rollins has been away ever since he sustained an injury prior to his live event match with Kane Seth Rollins injured his knee when he tore his ACL and MCL due to a bad landing. This injury did make him loose the World Heavyweight Champion giving chance to Roman Reigns. Fans has never been pleased with Reigns being the World Heavyweight Champion.

Now, Seth Rollins is on his way back to wrestle for the title he has never lost. Wow! This is great and fans would be very pleased to see Rollins in the ring again.