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Heading into the final chapter of their latest trilogy, The Undertaker and Brock Lesnar suddenly switched roles. Again.

According to key performance indicators released by WWE in September, preliminary buyrates for SummerSlam—which was headlined by a Lesnar-Underaker WrestleMania rematch—are estimated to be in the neighborhood of 150,000 to 200,000 buys.

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This would mark an increase from the 147,000 buys for SummerSlam in 2014, also headlined by Lesnar as he challenged John Cena for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

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But as WWE prepares for another major showdown at Hell in a Cell, the lack of continuity between these characters figures to hurt a feud that is quickly cooling down.

During the last leg of this feud, Lesnar and Undertaker wasted no time in getting physical, giving fans a taste of what would be a memorable, controversial SummerSlam main event. Undertaker’s low-blow on Lesnar at Battleground led to a locker-room clearing brawl the following night.

The low-blow represented desperation, as Undertaker sought to avenge his most miserable loss. The underhanded actions from the beloved Undertaker changed the face of the rivalry, making a familiar matchup seem fresh.

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