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It was a blow on us when we learnt of the former WWE Divas champion Nikki Bella’s injury.

After Monday’s night RAW match, Nikki Bella posted a tweet that suggested she could be down with an injury. An injury we never saw coming, never imagined and never wanted but somehow it happened, we supposed.

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According to Nikki Bella who used her Twitter account and posted, “My home 4 awhile. Injuries can only keep u down 4 a little bit. Time 2 get stronger & STAY FEARLESS! #FearlessNikki”

However, there’s no official report that backs her tweet, she gave no detail, whatsoever. Neither has WWE said anything in that regard. But an injury is an injury if at all she sustained any; she may have sustained it at home or wherever. Also, she may have sustained the injury on any part of her body. We shall update you on that as information becomes available to us.

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If we would judge from the angle of the fans in relation to her career, Nikki Bella’s injury is awful and unbecoming especially as she just began thriving in her pro wrestling career. Her improvement both in the ring and off the ring has been breathtaking and awesome.

Now going down with an injury would mean Nikki and her sweetheart, John Cena are out of WWE’s programming for a while. Nikki out with an injury while Cena out for personal reason.

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