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Nikki Bella has been marvelous in the whole of this year. Her in-ring actions have really improved greatly and WWE has been very proud of featuring her in several roles and titled matches. As a matter of fact she has been ranked by some powers in the WWE corridors of affairs as the WWE Diva of the year and that is not an out-of-place ranking.

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All was going well for her before she went down with injury few months ago. It happened like this, Nikki Bella didn’t appear on RAW and when fans were asking what went wrong, she posted on her Instagram that she suffers from a neck injury and she was on self rehabilitation. Few days later, it was reported that apart from the neck injury, Nikki also suffers a niggling hip. Officially WWE stated, Nikki suffers a sore back.

That was the end of Nikki with regards to ring actions, fans missed her overwhelming nature, power and spirit but that was it.

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But few weeks ago, Nikki posted on Instagram that she would soon be back although she didn’t include just when she would return. That return update from her kept fans in suspense and worry on just when the former and beloved WWE longest reigning Diva’s Champion would return to ring actions again.

While we are not sure if either Nikki or her boyfriend, John Cena would appear for the WWE Slammy Awards tonight, Brie Bella has encouraged fans to vote Nikki as the Diva of the Year. She noted the exceptional commitments of Nikki to the industry, her relentless passion, her hard work, dedication, never giving up spirit and whatnot. She posted this on her Instagram:

“When I look at the past year I see hard work, dedication, never giving up, never listening to the word no, taking chances, constantly wanting to learn and making a mark in the women’s division….she’s our longest reigning Diva’s Champ for a reason….and not because she’s my sister, but I’m definitely going to vote @thenikkibella for Diva of the Year. Let’s make it happen #BellaArmy tonight at the #Slammys #NikkiBella”

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