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We reported earlier that the knee injury sustained by Superstar Seth Rollins is not giving WWE any shake which is against common belief that WWE would be frantically worried following the breakdown of the WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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We noted that WWE has a fixed plan irrespective of Seth Rollins’ injury which ushers Roman Reigns as the next champion throughout the year until 2016 WrestleMania.

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According to report, losing Seth Rollins for such a lengthy period of time was touching but not as touching as it would have been if WWE were to lose Superstars like as Steve Austin or The Rock for that remarkable time back then.
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Despite the fact that WWE recognized that Rollins is a big star too and has been very involved in the engine of WWE’s company, PWInsider reported that had John Cena and Randy Orton not being off, WWE wouldn’t have minded Rollins’ injury to such an extent as they have done.

Additionally, it is reported that Rollins injury would not affect WWE in major WrestleMania 32 plans as WWE Creative Department have scheduled three or four main event matches set even before he sustained the injury.

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