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A report has just reached our news crew revealing the actual reason why John Cena took time off from WWE’s programming.

There have been many words and rumors dancing in the air on what exactly could have made John Cena demanded for some time off. When WWE’s crew visited Cena several weeks ago, all Cena reportedly told them was that he needed the time off for personal reasons.

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So far, the actual reason why Cena left has been unknown; it has been more like a secret, like something uncanny, per se.
But it the early hours of today, Cena unveiled the mystery. He came out point blank and stated that, “Honored to host #AmericanGrit”.

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Cena would be filming in a new reality TV project for FOX and the film is expected to feature 16 contestants who would go through military and survival-themed challenges.

Check out Cena’s tweet below:

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