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WrestleMania 32 scheduled for next April will mark another classic day as Roman Reigns will be staging war against Triple H. It will be a match with its own breath, full of tension, force and something else.

The Rock is reportedly going to be out while a couple of other Superstars such as Randy Orton and Seth Rollins will still be nursing their injuries, hence Triple H naturally will be left with the option of Roman Reigns at the Main event: a bout which has been described as one that will be full of electricity and suspense.

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The match was at one point rumored to take place at WrestleMania 30 after Reigns’ breakout performance at Survivor Series and later the Royal Rumble, but WWE was wise to hold off on the breakup of The Shield until the summer of 2014.

Although the matchup has yet to come to fruition, it’s been teased on several occasions over the past two years. The seeds were first planted when Reigns delivered a Spear to Triple H one night removed from WrestleMania 30 and subsequently feuded with him as part of Evolution.

It was another year-and-a-half before the two crossed paths again when Triple H offered Reigns an exclusive spot in The Authority and a free pass to become WWE world heavyweight champion.

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As soon as the multigenerational star turned down the offer, it was made clear that it was only a matter of time before they did battle.

Although a heel turn would benefit Reigns at this stage, it’s apparent that WWE has no intentions of turning him any time soon. If it did, it would have flipped the switch with him at Survivor Series—if not sooner.

Obviously, WWE has full faith in Reigns to become the company’s next big babyface, but he won’t flourish until he’s paired with a heel he can feed off of. As talented as Sheamus is, he’s just not that guy—or at least isn’t at the moment.

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Aside from the injured Rollins, there aren’t many strong villains on the active roster for Reigns to work with, and especially none with whom he could have a match that would be WrestleMania-worthy.

There have been rumblings among fans that Reigns could be headed for a rematch with Brock Lesnar at ‘Mania, but that wouldn’t have much juice behind it unless Reigns goes rogue before then. The same can be said for a feud with John Cena, because while it’s something fans have never seen before, the face-vs.-face dynamic wouldn’t work by any stretch.

Although Triple H doesn’t wrestle regularly, he’s the sole Superstar who makes any sort of sense to be facing the former tag team champion at WrestleMania 32.

With Triple H costing him the championship at Survivor Series, it’s logical to assume that he’ll look to exact revenge in the form of a match against him in AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

COO Triple H asks Roman Reigns to “sell out.”

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Reigns will likely be involved in the world title picture through the Royal Rumble at the earliest, but based off the reaction he received when he captured the prestigious prize last Sunday night, it’s still too soon for him to regain the gold.

Having him walk into WrestleMania as champion wouldn’t be the worst possible scenario, but if he’ll be going up against Triple H, that’s a match where it’s not necessary to have the title at stake.

HHH vs. Reigns can be built purely around their animosity for each other and how Reigns desperately needs to prove himself with a win over one of the greatest of all time.

His strong showing versus Lesnar this past year proved many of his naysayers wrong, but the way WWE has handled him in the months since has been questionable to say the least. Fans aren’t ready to accept him as champion just yet, though a rivalry with Triple H could be what finally cements him as a main event player.

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With so many top-tier talents out right now, it’s imperative that WWE starts putting together a viable card for WrestleMania. It took a step in the right direction by teasing Reigns vs. HHH at Survivor Series, but now it must commit to it and further the feud in coming months.

If booked properly, the epic encounter can not only add to what should be a loaded lineup, but it could serve as a major turning point in Reigns’ singles career.


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