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John Felix Anthony Cena

John Felix Anthony Cena

While there are arguments about why John Cena will be off WWE programming, Cena has said to WWE fans that his leave of absence will not affect Hell in a Cell and a host of other important matches, including the upcoming WWE’s European tour.

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So far, Cena has not said why he chose to take a break – all he reportedly said was that when fans finally find out the reason for his leave of absence, they will agree that he did it with best of intentions.

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Obviously the WWE was wrong when the earlier reported that Cena’s absence of leave was due to injury. When they visited Cena recently, “Cena is fine and in good shape”, they confirmed. During the course of their discourse, Cena maintained that the reason why he is seeking for a time off is for a good course. That’s all he said; he didn’t say what exactly. He didn’t give details. He was general and nebulous.

Thus, Cena will not be featured in WWE’s upcoming European tour.

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