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John Cena

There are several reactions from WWE fans about the break John Cena is seeking. While some say Cena is seeking for some time off following the drug test which he reportedly failed, others are saying Cena is leaving for a good course; Cena is leaving because he needed to.

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Speculations are high, reactions are turning in, emotions are trouble. What will happen to WWE when Cena leaves? What will happen to Cena when he returns? These are two questions WWE fans are asking.

While there are arguments about what and what will not happen when Cena leaves and returns, Cena has not formally stated why he desires to leave for a while, except that he just needed to leave for personal reasons.

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According to Cena, his time off wouldn’t affect Hell in a Cell. WWE has confirmed that all is well with Cena when they reportedly visited him during the week and that it’s true that Cena is seeking for a leave of absence for personal reasons.

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