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According to former WWE Superstar, Tyler Reks who was speaking in a question and answers session with his followers on Reddit, John Cena made several efforts to see that Alex Riley was fired.

Survey shows that there are quite a side of John Cena fans don’t like globally and daily his followers drop. What could have been the basic reason why supporters are now distancing themselves from the close to 40 years WWE Superstar who has been tagged time after time as “the face of WWE?”

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In this publication we would make a sojourn on the John Cena’s relationship with Alex Riley. Reports revealed that there were issues between John Cena and Alex Riley which affected the rise of Riley to the top spot.

Tyler Reks was the one who brought the rare side of the story to the public when he was speaking recently with his followers on Reddit as stated above. Riley allegedly fell out of the favor of WWE due to his issue with John Cena, Reks stated.

Sources reveal that Riley always wanted to be a Superstar not just a professional wrestler. It was his drive, his utmost desire, the soul of his existence. But that dream was shattered; he reportedly never got to that level of breakthrough because of his issue with Cena as WWE sided with Cena on the matter.

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When Tyler Reks was speaking about John Cena in the exclusive Q$A session, he asserted that Cena broke the wrestler rules when he made moves to see Riley fired; that was absurd and distasteful, he added.

He added that despite the whole issue, Riley is still in the company even though he is no longer featured in the main roster but at least he is somewhere fitting – he is into the development of the NXT brand in Florida now.

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