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John Cena cousin, Marc Predka, also known as Trademarc recently spoke with Journey of a Frontman. In the interview session, Trademarc refused to comment on John Cena recording another rap album instead he said Cena should be asked not him. He also gave credit to Cena who he described as doing better than ever in his music career.

Below are some excerpts of the interview:

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On John Cena being a polarizing figure:

“I mean I can see it, I can see how people probably want to see something change. But it’s like what do you want? I mean, really. I think what he has right now is perfect. I really do. But I guess everyone grows tired of prolonged success on any level. I mean I’m a Patriots fan so I see it all the time with them as a team. I felt the same way when the 49ers and the Cowboys were winning. Just brand or team fatigue. It’s natural to want change in that regard.”

On Cena recording another rap album:

“You would honestly have to ask him. I’d obviously be down to do it. I mean he was supposed to be on three songs on my latest Black Ash Days album and he sounded better than ever. His writing was more polished and personal. It was great to hear.”

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His views on the wrestling business:

“Those guys are so talented, I don’t think anybody fully realizes it. You can’t just be this big, jacked dude or you can’t just be this super athletic guy, you have to have everything. You have to be able to talk in front of people and be creative in how you market yourself. It’s a crazy mix of gifts, you can’t just have one. If you see somebody on TV, you can usually tell right away whether or not they have it. You just know because the whole picture might not be there. It’s so rare to have all of those things. John is undoubtedly blessed with all of those things; a surplus of them actually. I’m obviously not blessed with the physical gifts, I’m five ten if I’m lucky. (laughs) You could always pack on mass, but then it’s like “Alright, cool. I have a ton of muscle now, what can I do?” There’s so much that goes into that, so much hard work. Not for me, man. Talking to you is hard enough and they have to talk on live television in front of sold out crowds every week. Nope. I’d rather write music, play video games and read books, to be honest with you.”

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Sharing a story about Cena:

“I did have him chop me once. I had a hand mark on my chest for a week. (laughs) I’m like “Dude, just chop me! Just chop me!” We were in his dad’s kitchen and he’s like “Dude, you don’t want me to chop you. Trust me.” So I took my shirt off and he did one and he was like “Ah, that wasn’t good enough!” I could barely breathe at that point. I’m like “No dude! It was good enough!” He’s like “No it wasn’t! Let me do another one!” So he ended up chopping me three times until he got the real good Flair chop on the chest and dude, those are no joke. That’s another reason why I couldn’t wrestle, are you shittin’ me? Taking ten of those in the corner? Nah dude, not for me.”

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